Develop a Better Relationship with Your Staffing Provider

· by Steven Sawyer

Steven Sawyer started his career at HTI in 2011 as a Professional Recruiter. He is now the Director of Sales and Marketing.
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Developing Deeper Relationships Between Clients and Staffing Providers

Our sales team has brought in a lot of job orders that are best described as transactional.

“What’s your fee? What’s your guarantee? Here’s the job description. Email me candidates.”

Jobs can be filled like that – sometimes. But those transactional deals are fee driven and there is no buy-in from either side on what success looks like. A recruiter, especially a busy recruiter, will spend a little time going through a database, maybe come up with one or two potential candidates, pitch the job and send them over. But a lot of relationships fizzle from there… not ideal for either of you.

I want more than that. You deserve more than that.

Now more than ever, it’s critical to build a better relationship with your staffing provider. When we develop deeper relationships with our clients, more jobs get filled and timelier. Those relationships don’t fizzle, they get better over time.

So, how do you develop a better relationship with your staffing provider and vice versa?

  1. Communicate openly.

HR or TA isn’t the gatekeeper, they are a key contributor. Hiring managers aren’t ominous figures that exist only in theory, but have direct lines to the recruiter.

  1. Set goals for each other.

What are the expectations? What are the goals for time to submit, submissions to interview, and interview to hire? Setting goals together ensures each party is respectful of the other’s time. If we can measure it, we can improve it.

  1. Give honest feedback.

Recruiters can be honest about what they are hearing from candidates when pitching a job and the client values that feedback. Post interview or submittal feedback is prompt because both sides understand how valuable the right candidate is – and that they have a shelf life.

Bearing in mind we build the solid foundation for a relationship, we can move to the next level – we can collaborate and be strategic about growth for our organizations.

Here are some of the ways we can partner in hiring with you:

  • Direct Hire
    • We manage the recruitment and hiring process for your permanent placements.
  • Executive Search
    • We have creative ways to find C-level candidates while maintaining confidentiality.
  • Contract
    • We can provide professionals for short or long-term assignments.
  • Outsourced
    • Plant start ups and expansions are two of our specialties. We can manage the entire project for you, from recruiting and staffing to all non-value add warehouse functions.
  • Co-Ops/Interns
    • Having trainable, eager talent enter your organization at this level can help stimulate your team and create new ideas for your company – paving the way for a long stint of service.

We want to share what we have learned from our experience working with other world class organizations. We’re an intentional asset that you engage to be part of your team. We invest in each other – with a common understanding of success, where neither side wants to let the other down. Developing a better relationship with your staffing provider takes commitment from each party.