An HTI “How To”: Bringing Mindfulness to Your Job Search

· by Katie Egan

Katie is a Recruiter in the Professional Division at HTI. She has been with HTI since 2018.
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Have you ever meditated before an interview? No? Weird!

Maybe you practice yoga. Perhaps you journal before you go to bed. Or you take a quick walk around your neighborhood when you’re feeling a little stuck. These are all easy ways to integrate mindful practices into your daily life. But, have you ever thought of bringing a mindfulness practice to your job search? As HTI’s resident free spirit (and recruiter!) let me offer up some mindfulness tips to benefit your job search.


Studies show that a regular meditation practice can significantly help ease anxiety and stress symptoms. Did you know a meditation could last 12 seconds? If you’re feeling a bit anxious before an interview, I suggest this quick meditation practice that will calm your nervous system and clear your mind. Think of it as a mini re-set.

Step 1: Breathe in for four seconds.

Step 2: Hold in that breath for four seconds.

Step 3: Exhale for four seconds.


Every yoga class I’ve ever been to (trust me, I’ve been to a lot) starts with a guide asking you to set an intention for your practice. I challenge you to do the same with your job search. Setting an intention is a thoughtful way to consider your goals. Do not bring any judgement into your intention-setting. Acknowledge and appreciate where you are and how that’s just a step toward where you want to be. Being able to articulate your intentions in your inner dialogue will allow you to do so to a hiring manager.

Example: “I will bring value to this information technology team because I am a methodical and resourceful systems engineer.”


Mindfulness comes down to one thing – acknowledging the present moment as the only one that exists. It’s so easy to go into a job interview nervous about what happens if you don’t get the job. But that mindset just distracts you from performing in the actual interview! Being too concerned with the results of the interview before you even complete it can cause you to answer questions inauthentically and not put your absolute best foot forward. I know it’s hard but do your best to concentrate on manifesting your intentions in the current moment. You’ll find that your mind is much clearer to advocate for your candidacy!

Trust me, I know the job search process can be stressful. The longer it takes to find the right position, the more pressure you put on yourself, leading to stress and decreased performance. Hopefully these tips help declutter your mind and allow you to put your best version of yourself to work!