Caring for Employees in 2020

· by Kristin Whitehead

Kristin is the Manager of Human Resources at HTI.
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How You Can Care for Your Employees in 2020

2020 aside, the recruiting and staffing industry can be a challenging environment to work in during normal circumstances! It is fast-paced. Client demands are high. Applicants are impatiently waiting to start work. Employees want high pay rates and a permanent position ASAP. And the list goes on.  This is not a unique situation to the staffing industry. Throw in a pandemic and the stress levels get even higher!  Many industries are currently facing unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19.

As employers and employees, we need to remember during these challenges to continue to care for one another!  There are many ways we can continue to support and guide each other while 2020 has thrown us so many punches!

1. Flexibility

Every single employee is different and so are their situations. Some have elderly or immunocompromised family members they are constantly worried about.  Others have children who are now unable to attend school normally. Being able to stay flexible as an employer is key.  Understand that there is not a one size fits all scenario.

Maybe being flexible means offering remote work to qualifying positions, or it could mean offering flexible shift options. It could also mean offering a stipend for childcare or onsite childcare support. As employees, being understanding of your co-worker’s unique situations is important.  Maybe you will need to step up and take on some extra work for a day or two for someone in your office or possibly relax due dates on non-critical projects. The key here is to show our compassion for each other by remaining nimble through these challenging times.

2. Employee Assistance Programs

If you have this – remind your employees about this option. If you don’t – consider adding this as a benefit. There are many different types of companies offering varying levels of assistance programs. Implement the one you feel best meets your organizations needs and get the word out.  In many cases, these programs are offered through company benefit plans.  You may already have access to this type of help and not even know it!

3. Get creative

Find ways to keep your culture and still have fun! In what ways can your organization continue to enjoy working together, even if working remotely?  Consider hosting Virtual Trivia Games, Virtual Spirit Weeks, Virtual Coffee Chats.  Some companies have started virtual yoga sessions, book clubs, movie clubs, etc.  Find those events that excite your teams and get started today!

4. Communicate Often

When life seems to be crazy both at work and outside of work, communication is one of the main controls we have.  Consider adopting multiple ways of keeping your communication high during tougher times.  For example, sending out frequent communication or hosting reoccurring Town Hall Events with Senior Leadership that allows employees to anonymously ask questions. Frequency can be based on your specific organizations needs, but make sure you are being consistent!

5. And last but not least – be kind to one another!

You don’t have to be an HR professional to be kind to your coworkers. You won’t believe the boost in employee morale that a kind word, an attaboy, or showing some general concern for others will give your workforce.

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands.  One for helping yourself, and the other for helping others.” ~ Maya Angelou