Engineering Consulting & Cost Savings

· by Jasmine Webber

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How Engineering Consulting Can Increase Cost Savings

HTI’s goal is to optimize your workforce and your workflow. One of the ways we do that is through our 3rd Party Manufacturing service. More specifically for a particular project, we use Engineering Consulting as a way to increase cost savings and generate ways to improve inefficiencies. Take for example a recent project with one of our hiring partners resulting in a projected cost savings of $100k. Providing engineering consulting enabled them to clearly define the roles and responsibilities of each material handler needed to successfully meet demand requirements.

In order to streamline their processes and maximize efficiency, we focused on optimizing material handler replenishment frequencies and routes. The first thing to address was storage of the components on the train. Next, we looked at how those components are stored along the route. And lastly, we looked at changing the frequency of delivery.

I conducted time assessments and provided ergonomic observations and recommendations for cell layout reconfigurations. As a result, we were able to address two enormous factors:

  1. Opportunities to reduce the frequency of parts delivered from once an hour to every 2 hours.
  2. By aligning the replenishment frequency and the output, it was clear that the material handler had excess capacity. Our hiring partner was able to leverage this data to justify additional capacity and combine responsibilities.

Additional support provided to the client entailed:

  • Applying lean concepts to current processes
  • Autocad drawings for layout changes
  • Weekly updates of project status
  • Summarized findings in presentation form
  • Short-term opportunities to aid in continuous improvement efforts.

The efforts of our team resulted in the client having sufficient data to reduce their headcount and improve their operations with a projected cost savings exceeding $100k.  Once we implement all continuous improvement recommendations, efficiency gains in the company’s utilization of mobile equipment to deliver parts to assembly cells will be an approximate 17%.

How can HTI use Engineering Consulting to help increase your cost savings?