How To Get Paid More

· by Max Miller

Max is an Industrial Recruiter with our team in Asheville, NC.
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Three tips to get you a higher paying job

Let’s be real, the point of advancing our careers is to make more money. Yes, we’re getting the benefit of more skills, a sense of accomplishment, and the promise of employability in a competitive market. The primary benefit though, is that we’re getting a bigger paycheck. So, what are some things we can do whether we’re looking for a promotion or applying for a new job? Ask yourself, “What can I do to make myself a good applicant fit for the job I want?” Then read this blog from an expert recruiter, aka me.

Tip #1: Look for Training & Certification Opportunities

Candidates that have earned an associates degree in engineering or any mechanical related field will always catch the eye of a recruiter for a manufacturing environment. This separates them from the pack! The same is true for any sort of CNC Certifications and education. Higher paying Machinist positions generally require specific training and understanding of machine operation and blueprint reading. Getting Forklift Certified is another way you can help yourself be able to apply for higher paying forklift positions.  HTI has many clients that are always keeping an eye out for applicants with forklift experience. There are many certification programs available that only take a few days to complete. HTI is hosting a Manufacturing Supervisor Training Program in partnership with SC Works this September. Learn more about it here.

Tip #2: Be on time

Have you ever seen the posters that say, “The 10 Things that Require Zero Talent” ? Well, being on time is one of those ten things. This should be the number one priority on your scheduled days. Being at your assigned area ready to roll is the perfect way to make a positive impression on your employer. Volunteer for overtime, show up early, and be at your assigned area a minute before your break is over. You can be the most skilled employee in the company, but if you’re not there to demonstrate those skills routinely, you won’t make a good impression. When a higher paying position opens up, companies usually consider employees with good attendance records first. If you end up getting terminated for attendance points, the next employer you apply with may be hesitant to hire you.

Tip#3: When you leave a job, quit properly

As a recruiter, one of the first things I notice on a resume is the duration of employment at each company. This can make or break a great candidate on paper. If an applicant hops between employers every few months, it can raise a red flag. Does the applicant have issues with attendance that cause them to be quickly terminated? Does the candidate respond poorly to supervision and guidance? This could lead to behavioral issues and separation with the employer. Do they get bored easily and leave? All of these are problematic for the employer because they’re investing time and money into training new hires that may not yield a return on their investment.

Whether you’re working for a staffing agency in a temporary position or looking for the next direct hire position of your dreams, use these tips to advance your career and open the door to more opportunities.