Internships: The High School Student Perspective

· by Emma Seckinger

Emma is a Professional Recruiter/Marketing intern with plans to attend Auburn University after graduation.
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“Wait You’re Still in High School?”

The question I’ve received more times than I can count since I’ve started at HTI. You don’t hear of many kids my age taking a full time, 40 hour a week internship at a staffing company over the summer. In fact, I’m the first high school intern that HTI has hired. But the benefits of doing an internship before I’ve entered college are plentiful.

1. I get an experience that most of my peers won’t get until they’re out of college.

I get to work in an office setting where everyone is older and way more experienced than me. It challenges me to exceed expectations. I’m learning valuable time management and organizational skills while working towards the deadlines set before me. I can make mistakes and learn from them early on so, when I do get out of college and get a job, I know how to act and what not to do.

2. I get the satisfaction of making my own money and being able to budget it how I need to.

My parents taught me early on that if I want something I can save and buy it myself, but they weren’t going to pay for things I didn’t absolutely need. While most of my friends are complaining about being broke, I get a weekly paycheck. Even though most of it goes toward food, I have the option to spend it or save it. It gives me a sense of independence that not many other jobs would provide at my age.

3. I get to build connections and relationships to use as future references.

I’ve been able to interact with different kinds of people at different stages in their lives. I’ve made phone calls to candidates, references, and companies, improving my relationship building and communication skills. I’ve loved everyone I’ve worked for and with at HTI, and learning from them may be the greatest advantage of my internship.

Even though I don’t know if I want to be a professional recruiter or a digital marketing specialist, the experience I’ve had at HTI has prepared me for the business world. I have a knowledge of the staffing and manufacturing industry that no one else my age has. Because of this internship, I feel prepared for the next stage of my life. I am more confident in my ability to find a job and be successful in whatever position I may end up in in the near future.