HELP! Why Am I Not Hearing Back From Job Applications?!

· by Daniel Robinson

Daniel is a Senior Recruiter at HTI. He started at HTI in 2011.
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It’s a story that is all too familiar – You have applied to dozens of jobs on Indeed, LinkedIn, GlassDoor, etc. and you haven’t heard anything back.  So, why are you not hearing back from job applications?

Let’s go through some helpful tips to make sure you are presenting yourself in a way that increases your chance of being contacted!


Your resume or CV should present a clear and accurate picture of your work history, accomplishments, education, and skills.  It should be 1 to 2 pages in length and should be in chronological format (HR Professionals HATE functional resumes!).  Make sure it is clear and concise, so that the reader can gather your skills and experience within a minute or two glance. The less time they have to spend digging for details, the better.  You need to have a clear objective, accurate contact information and dates of employment. Lastly, NO MISSPELLINGS OR GRAMMATICAL ERRORS (come on guys…).  Easy enough, right?

2. Social Media Presence – THIS IS THE NEXT HUGE PIECE!

Google yourself. What did you find?  If you look up your profile on Facebook is it Public or Private?  Can you find things that you have posted on Twitter or Instagram that are inappropriate?  If you are being seriously considered for a position with a prospective company, they will do their research.  It’s completely free and legal to make sure someone that you consider for employment is not a potential liability.  All of your social media accounts should be private. Also, immediately delete anything that would be considered risky (photos with lots of alcohol, political posts, vulgar posts or excessive profanity).

3. LinkedIn Profile – IT’S 2019, THIS IS A MUST!

In pretty much any industry or career – sales, HR, education, healthcare, manufacturing, etc. – NETWORKING is key!  The old saying is still true today – “It’s all about who you know!”  Make sure you are constantly networking and building your brand, and part of this is LinkedIn.  You should have an up to date LinkedIn Profile that is filled out with your work experience, education, skill set, and a professional picture. (Not from the 80’s, no Snapchat filter, no Cowboy hats.)  Looking your profile up on LinkedIn is like Googling your name, what do you find?  Don’t be afraid to sell yourself and have confidence about what your accomplishments in your career.  Make sure that your employment dates and jobs on your LinkedIn profile match what’s on your resume.

4. Job Fairs and Monthly Networking Events – BECOME INVOLVED IN YOUR COMMUNITY! 

Many companies still use traditional recruiting methods, job fairs, walk-in applications, radio advertising, etc.  Being able to put a face with a name is very helpful and differentiates you from the other resumes in the stack.  Make sure to have business cards at events and resumes at job fairs, and be courteous of others’ time. Ask for others’ business cards as well so if you’re not hearing back from your job application, you can follow up directly.  If you are unemployed or actively looking, then use all avenues at your disposal and don’t be afraid to get out there!