Prioritizing quality at every step

We ensure your parts measure up to your standards

Protect your forward momentum with reliable quality inspections

Parts arrive out of spec — whether this impacts a handful of items or a large percentage of inventory, these issues endanger your production process. While your supplier may cover the cost of a new shipment, they can’t refund lost time from your manufacturing delay.

The right quality partner catches inconsistencies before they’re sent to the next stage, so you avoid:

  • Late deliveries
  • Increased production costs
  • Damaged reputation

The quality inspections you're looking for — at every step of your process

With so many phases in any manufacturing process, most businesses encounter frantic deadline maneuvers and delays. Issues causing bottlenecks, quality control limitations, or product and inventory tracking can cause huge ripples that affect your entire timeline.

Pre-production inspection

Identify inconsistencies in your initial parts and raw materials – before your production process gets underway. This initial check can save you thousands in rework costs and improve your end product.

Post-production inspection

Check the performance of your product before it’s delivered to your customer. Our team can execute functional checks that mitigate customer complaints and uphold your quality reputation.

Vehicle inspections & repair services for nearly 15,000 units at 5 different ports? We got it handled.

Spanning from Nova Scotia to California, our team managed the inspection and rework of thousands of units across the continent. Discover how Alloy planned and mobilized in just three days to begin project execution.

KPI reporting & data analysis that keeps you up to speed on the status of your quality parts

We tailor our data reports to your facility’s needs. Throughout every project, our team tracks essential measurements so you can identify patterns and maintain your continuous improvement efforts.