Start-Ups, Training and Transitions (STAT)?

· by Marissa Marinelli

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HTI: The REAL Certified Staffing Partner

There are a lot of different ways that a staffing partner can help to make you more successful… the knowledge that they hold of the industry, the years of experience that they may have, the customer service they can provide to you, etc. BUT… have you ever heard of a STAT Team? Sounds important, right? Well that’s because it is at HTI!

We are a part of a booming industry that is continuously growing.

Whether you’re growing into new markets, growing into new real estate, growing by numbers and adding heads or shifts, or even growing in knowledge of staffing partners that leads you to the decision to change providers, our STAT Team at HTI is trained to handle all of these situations.

STAT stands for Startup, Training and Transition and this team is one of the things that sets HTI apart from their competitors.

STAT is part of the Quality Department here at HTI and reports directly to the VP of Quality and CEO. We are a small group that travels all across the country. We’re basically project managers, project coordinators, HR, client representatives, recruiters and trouble shooters all in one (James Bond of Staffing if you ask me).

Start-ups and Transitions are the bread and butter of what we do.

We’ve worked on huge plant start-ups and received new business in existing plants that have transitioned over 300 associates at one time, at one client. On the other side of that, we’ve done smaller projects such as adding a shift at a plant that adds 10 heads. And of course, everything in between.

If you’re wondering what the layout of a transition looks like, this is basically it:

  1. Receive the news from sales that a new client has awarded us a contract
  2. Create (extremely detailed) Project Plan
  3. Set up meeting with New Company to discuss the time line of the project and ask any questions that we may have and vice-versa
  4. Set a schedule to meet with all current associates where we let them know what is happening
  5. Conduct orientations with associates
  6. Determine what kind of recruiting is needed prior to transition date and begin to fill open positions
  7. Make sure that we are working with client to meet all expectations of onsite operations
  8. Hire and train all supporting staff that client will need
  9. Transition all associates on set date
  10. Maintain presence until staff are fully trained and operations are smoothly running

Not Listed: a lot of nitty-gritty details. For example, constant problem-solving and trouble-shooting, learning all the ins and outs of the client site, building relationships with key stakeholders, and of course all the secrets that I don’t want to give away because it makes us who we are (aka the best of the best)

As a STAT Lead HTI has trained me to master duality.

I must work independently but also with a team, stay open-minded but also not afraid to make decisions. I’ve learned work fast-paced and efficiently but also not give up the quality of my work. It may be my biased opinion talking here but I have the best job that I never even knew existed. I get to travel, meet new people, and constantly learn new things. HTI creating the STAT Team under the Quality Department was a genius idea that sets us apart from our competitors and makes us extremely successful with our new and existing customers.

Now for the most important part…. Why is STAT important to you?

As project owners, the STAT team takes the hassle off your back and takes control of the situation at hand. If we’re working on a transition, our goal is always to transfer 100% of your current workforce, in return trimming down your training time tremendously and not disrupting production at any point in time. We build relationships with these associates and create a culture that keeps our employees excited to come to work at your facility everyday. We are able to look ahead and attack any potential issues that you may have prior to them occurring. When we recruit for transitions or start-ups, we do so with very high expectations. When we train our successors, we make sure to teach them everything we know and make sure they are ingrained in your culture in order to give you the best support you could imagine. STAT cares about you, your business and YOUR customers. Let us help you!