The Job Mobile: Taking Innovation to the Streets

· by Herb Dew

Herb is the CEO of HTI. He founded HTI in 1999 along with John Knight and David Sewell, and remains heavily involved in the organization today.
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You might be driving along somewhere in South or North Carolina and see a VERY green bus driving around labeled the Job Mobile.

This is HTI’s latest innovation that addresses the ever-changing recruiting terrain we face in today’s low unemployment economy. It’s also the completion of a vision tracing back 15 years.

A cornerstone at HTI is innovation. Our goal is to continuously find new ways to recruit and simplify the process of filling jobs. Our focus is on customer service by creating easier ways to connect with our clients. In my experience, 95% of the staffing industry uses a traditional brick and mortar office, where candidtates:

Come in and apply

Complete an interview

Submit a drug screening

Wait for a call on a job that MAY be a good fit

All of which may take as long as a week to accomplish

The Job Mobile’s design is a full service branch, allowing HTI to expand our recruiting force into additional locations. The Job Mobile can single-handedly offer online applications, tests, interviews, and drug screens. When utlized at our client sites, facility tours can be arranged for qualified candidates, allowing for on the spot offers.

This accomplishes two important goals.

It places us where applicants live and work, making it convenient for them to get to us.

It allows us to project recruiting strength for our customers, particularly where there may be a niche presence of candidates (i.e. maintenance technicians, machinists, skilled hourly). We can actively seek out quality talent through proactive action rather than waiting for candidates to walk through the door.

We are very excited about the innovation behind the Job Mobile and will be communicating to our customers as well as to the community when and where they can check it out. Our website features a calendar and location tracker so candidates know where they can hop on board and apply for their next job.

So if you see the HTI Job Mobile (it’s VERY green) driving around the upstate, you can be sure they are out connecting qualified candidates with employers here in the Carolinas.