The Right Way to Rightsize

· by Julie Blackmon

Julie is one of our Career Transition Coaches in our Outplacement group. She brings over 10 years of recruiting experience to her role. Julie has been with HTI since 2011.
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How a company treats their outbound associate matters

While most of you may be familiar with the term ‘downsizing,’ “rightsizing” is becoming quite the preferred buzzword these days.

Rightsizing is a term used to describe a proactive, strategic plan for a business to operate with efficient human resources. Downsizing can affect everything from individuals to groups to entire facilities. In contrast, rightsizing is typically slower, smaller, and part of an ongoing effort to make sure the organization is utilizing its resources effectively.

As companies prepare for the new year in budgeting and strategy, rightsizing might come up quite naturally.

We see it in all types of companies. When business is good, so is hiring. But when business inevitably plateaus, they may find themselves a few employees over where they need to be. Then, the conversation turns to ‘rightsizing’ the organization.

There should be care put into the process when a company reaches a difficult decision to let someone go.

Organizations put a great deal of thought into bringing people into the company. It’s only natural that some thought would be put into how people exit your organization. Top tier companies love to talk about loyalty and expect it from their employees.  How much more impactful would those conversations be if the employees knew that if the company faces hard times, or their department faces elimination, that the company will return that loyalty? If the employees knew their organization will be loyal to them by helping them re-enter the marketplace through outplacement?

Outplacement programs are customizable to fit an organization’s needs – from a budget-friendly boot camp, to involved one-on-one coaching to ensure that the outbound associate has everything they need to head into a competitive market.

Offering outplacement ensures your employees experience personalized treatment that goes beyond feeling like just a number.  Plus, the impact that it makes to people still in the organization cannot be overstated. Rightsizing can negatively affect the morale of the remaining associates, but if your organization handles outbound associates with care and compassion, you may find that loyalty and morale are boosted among your employees.

If done correctly, rightsizing can have a positive impact on your company, as well as on the affected associates.

In the digital age when a negative review of your company is just a few clicks away, brand image matters. Outplacement ensures that associates exiting your company feel taken care of and can focus on the future instead of dwelling in the past. When your company treats someone right, you also increase your name in the community which will allow for easier hiring once your business picks back up.