Why You Need a Recruiter

· by Julie Blackmon

Julie is one of our Career Transition Coaches in our Outplacement group. She brings over 10 years of recruiting experience to her role. Julie has been with HTI since 2011.
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Here’s why you need a recruiter.

I know, I know, you have NEVER needed a recruiter before. All your other jobs you were able to find yourself. Who wants to go through a middleman anyways?

Well, let’s think about this a little. The job market is changing. Actually, it’s been in the process of changing just about as fast as everything else around these here parts. Having access to a great recruiter is an excellent tool in your toolbelt to find a new job.

Let me elaborate.

Recruiters are CONNECTORS.

If you are slightly on the introverted side, like myself, think of a recruiter as the perfect wing man to introduce you to a company. A skilled recruiter can draw connections between what the company is wanting and what you bring to the table. All without YOU being the one to brag on yourself. As a polite Southern lady, I don’t want to brag on myself. But if someone else would like to, then go on ahead!

Recruiters are INSIDERS.

When a recruiter works intimately with a company and its hiring managers, we start to get to know the personality of the company and what they are looking for. With that time investment, we earn credibility. We start to hear about restructuring on the horizon or moves that the company will be making in the 3rd quarter. They don’t necessarily ask us to start up a search yet, but give us a head’s up in case we run across someone that fit their company culture. In rare cases (but I promise this really does happen!) we talk to a candidate and just think “Man, I know ABC company doesn’t need anyone in marketing right now, but she would be a PERFECT fit over there”, and we make an introduction to our client without a job and they interview them, and HIRE THEM.

Recruiters are PREPARED.

When I say we know our clients, I mean it. We go through a detailed job order form on every job we take to get as much information as we can. Of course, we use that information to help us find the right person, but we also use that information to help YOU see if this is the right fit. If it’s a client that we have worked with for a long time, we are going to know (and pass on to you) critical information. Think things like:

  • This hiring manager ALWAYS opens an interview with “So, what do you know about our company” – make sure you know how to answer that question! (Hint: you should ALWAYS be prepared to answer this question)
  • This company’s complex is HUGE! Wear professional shoes, but make sure you can walk a long way in them. This isn’t the time for the brand-new pumps you haven’t worn before.
  • This hiring team is going to ask different versions of the same question on interviews 1 and 2. Make sure you are being consistent between the two teams.

During a job search, as an applicant, you should be taking advantage of every tool available to you. Don’t underestimate the power of engaging with a quality recruiting firm.