Sharing Alloy Group’s story

The history, mission, and values continue to push us forward

Two teams. One mission.

Alloy Group was born from a partnership between Greytree Partners and HTI. Greytree supplies technical and manufacturing expertise, while HTI supports project labor with talent attraction & retention programs. Combined, our organizations forge stronger solutions for the automotive manufacturing industry. We utilize one another’s strengths and already proven success to provide our clients the best mixture of technical expertise and talent networks.

al • loy

/’a loi/

A metal made by combining two or more metallic elements, especially to give greater strength or resistance to corrosion.

“an alloy of nickel, bronze, and zinc”

“an alloy of Greytree Partners & HTI”

Industry leaders & partners

Clarence Fisher

CEO & Founder of Greytree Partners

Herb Dew

CEO & Founder of HTI

Our foundational values

Light the way

How can you best lead your team to new solutions? What creativity, innovation, and effort can you extend? How can you step up?

Crank the heat

‘Doing’ the job isn’t enough. How can you transform projects and exceed expectations? Where do you have room to train & upskill – to become the best version of yourself?

Spread some warmth

In what ways can you help others accomplish new goals? How can you offer flexibility and support that feeds someone else’s flame?