4 Tips to Organize Your Desk

· by Elizabeth Campbell

Elizabeth is a Professional Recruiter at HTI. She started in 2018.
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Working in any professional setting, especially recruiting, having an organized desk will make you more efficient and productive.

Listed below are four things I have implemented in my desk, which allow me to be a more productive recruiter.

#1- Have a folder for each position you are working on.

This will keep your desk from being scattered with random papers and keep you from hours of searching. Take a normal folder, label it with the title of that position, and file any documents regarding the position here. That will allow you to easily access all documents associated with that position. If anyone has a question about it, you can quickly grab the folder and provide an answer.

#2- Color code everything in your calendar.

By doing this, you are providing your eyes and brain a way to differentiate what the items in your calendar are. My personal color coding is as follows: purple for telephone calls, red for in-person meetings, yellow for lunch (yes, I schedule my lunch), orange for when I am out of the office, and blue for any updates that are due at a specific time. Use a coding system that works best for you!

#3- Have a small notebook that you can write to-do lists in.

This will help you manage your time well and give you a sense of accomplishment when something is checked off and completed. When I make a to-do list, I always star the most important items I need to get done that day so that I focus on those first. Whatever tasks I don’t complete that day, I move it to the next day. This will allow you to keep track of everything and center your attention on what is most important.

#4- Have a filing system in your email.

When you are a recruiter, you receive multiple emails regarding every position you have. If you don’t have a filing system for those, you can easily get overwhelmed. I suggest creating a new folder in your inbox for every company and position you are working. This will allow you to focus on one position and email one at a time. Taking it one step further, you can set up a rule in outlook that will automatically send each email to specified folders.

I hope these four tips allow you to organize your desk and become the most productive professional you can be!